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-Trade Company that owns brands Original Fashion Furs Outlet
is a dynamically developing company in the sector of online sales. The company is focused on providing high-quality, customized service to our online customers. Conducts marketing activities for the sale and promotion of online sales throughout Europe and is involved in many commercial initiatives to continually develop the industry and help promote their brands. MULTI-TRADE implements modern commercial and promotional strategies to accelerate the development of its brands in Europe through innovation and strengthening collaboration and organization. The company is constantly looking for opportunities, so as to achieve the greatest efficiency and effectiveness of the developed trade.


Zasutowo, ul. Szkolna 7, 62-330 Nekla

Sonia (+48) 515 355 010
Jakub (61) 435 40 71
Joanna (+48) 513 749 072


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furs outlet
The most fashionable and tredny furs in the market.
Wide range assortment of minks, chinchillas, fox, sables furs always in hot prices