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Fantastic Military Trench Coat With Fox Fur

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Fantastic military trench coat with fox fur by LaFURIA 

Absolutely top class fur with fur inside. You can change your coat in one minute by removing the fur. 

Thanks to that you can use this fantastic coat all year long. Also beautiful hood gives you a lot of possibilities. You can wear it as a classic hood or open wide collar on the back or if you wish you can fasten in warm golf. Collar and sleeves are on buttons and inside fur is on zip. 

It is one of this fur that we do not have to recommend. 

Looks stunning! 



origin assured

Assurance that the fur carrying the label comes from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.

fox furs - fantastic military trench coat with fox fur


domestic delivery (Poland) - 30 PLN
foreign delivery - 35 EUR

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